July 20-21     Public Links Championship
Sat-Sun         Manor GC  (Entry Deadline – July 15th)

July 31         Junior Championship
Wed             Reading CC  (Entry Deadline - July 24th)

Aug 2-4        Amateur Championship
Fri-Sun         Heidelberg CC  (Entry Deadline – July 21st)

Aug 18          Fulton Bank Mid-Am Championship
Sun               BCGA - Lanc GA - HGA - YGA
                      Cool Creek GC, Wrightsville, PA

Aug 23-25     Match Play Championship
Fri - Sun       Golden Oaks GC( Entry Deadline - Aug 16th)

Sep 21-22    Senior Amateur Championship
Sat-Sun        Moselem Springs GC  (Entry Deadline - Sept 11th)

Oct 6           Senior Partners Championship
Sun             Berkshire CC  (Entry Deadline – Oct 1st)​​

​First Flight Winners are Mitchell Gallo and Andrew Morris shooting +2 (73-73) total and a 3 shot victory over Glenn Chestnut and Chris Chestnut.Type your paragraph here.

Father Son winners are Tom and Brian Weaver shooting -3, 69.

2019 Junior-Senior/Father-Son Championship
Hosted by LedgeRock GC  

July 8,2019

Congratulations to Roberto Campitelli and Larry Schultz!  Winning with a score of  -5, 67 at LedgeRock GC on July 8, 2019.

2019 Partners Championship

Hosted by Galen Hall GC 

July 13, 14, 2019

Congratulations to Bill Schultz and Brian Golembiewski with a score of -12 (65-67) and a 3 shot victory over Brandon Raihl and Zach Dilcher.​