Berks County Golf Association

Terms of Use

By applying for annual Membership to the Berks County Golf Association (BCGA), you agree to accept the following waiver & release of liability:

I hereby release and discharge the Berks County Golf Association (herein after known as BCGA) and its officers, directors and all volunteers assisting or supervising the activities comprising the program, and the golf courses & golf facilities at which the program events are held and their officers, directors and employees from any and all claims, demands, damages and liabilities arising out of injury and/or damage to the person or property of the participant, including their families & children, incurred in the activities involved in or related to the program.  Additionally, I grant permission to the BCGA to release scores and photographs to any media outlets, and to use the same on our website, social media and association publications.  This consent waives all rights of privacy or compensation.

Any participation in BCGA tournaments, use of the golf courses, facilities or attendance at BCGA events, may expose you to COVID-19.  Your decision to participate in any way in BCGA tournaments is made knowingly and voluntarily by you with full knowledge of this risk.  Your participation or attendance in any way in the tournaments shall constitute a waiver and release of the Berks County Golf Association, its officers, directors, employees, contractors, volunteers, staff and agents from any and all liability with respect to exposure of COVID-19.