The following criteria will be used to determine the field when there is an ‘over subscription’ to a specific tournament. 

The BCGA is utilizing this policy to create the strongest field possible for that event.

A.  Past champions of individual events from the previous ten (10) years

B.  Past champions of the following events from the past two (2) years:

            1) BCGA Match Play
            2) BCGA Amateur
            3) BCGA Senior (overall)
            4) BCGA Junior (overall)
            5) Hawley Quier Memorial
            6) Medalist from any USGA Qualifying Tournament and/or champion
            7) State or Regional Golf Association champion
            8) Berks County Public Links champion

C.  Top finishers from these events from previous two years:

            1) Amateur – top 24
            2) Match Play – top 16
            3) Senior – top 10 overall

D.  For team events the following will apply:

            1) champions the past five (5) years (same partners)
            2) top 10 finishers from the previous year’s event (same partners)

E.  All other entries will be prioritized by the date “post marked” on the receiving envelope, so long as they are received by the deadline date of the event.

Player Entry Exemption Policy for Tournament Over-Subscription